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Welcome to Levi!

by Jenisky, 297 days ago

Thank you for your interest in Leviathan!

Click here to apply!

We are recruiting active reborn players interested in participating in 100+ events.  We are lax on level req due to rebirth - However, we are an endgame oriented faction and we still require gear to be suitable for a competitive level 100+ character.

We do TW, NW squads, faction PK, UCH, FWS, AEU, FLOWWW!, Lunar, BH, weekly SOT/Aba and more - all as Levi squads. and they're pro!

Ask us about our weekly wishlist event, free HP charm raffle, special events, TW pay, and book swap. We love our members and I think territory pay should go back to you. <3

However, we expect a few things in return. We expect your gear to look like you want to TW. This means equipped to level with proper ornaments, decent shards and +4 refines minimum.  We expect you to show up to TW and be active, say hello in chat and get comfy.  We're a friendly group.  We tend to avoid drama so we expect that to stay out of our faction.

If you have applied and been accepted to Levi, please contact one of our officers for an invite!

Leader: jenisky
Marshals: FallenNix, Jack_Ryan

Executors: Halophile, Shamoke, Eamane, Rib_Striker, Shawnya, morridune

We're happy to answer any questions
cya in game!

- jeni xo

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